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This is the English translation of my book Vegan - ganz anders. When I self-published the original book in 2014 and the translation in 2015 my intention was to answer all the various questions people had for me as the first internationally competing vegan strongman as exhaustively as I could.

Please note that currently we are not shipping physical orders outside of Germany but we also offer the (updated) eBook version of VRebellion here: ....LINK...... so you can still get all the info without a physical product having to be shipped around the world.

From the back cover:

In this book, Patrik Baboumian who is one of the world's strongest men turns the most common stereotypes about vegans upside down. Patrik belongs to a new generation of vegans who pursue a healthy lifestyle and who show us that our lives need not depend on the suffering of animals. To live as vegan does not mean the sacrifice of our typical diet as much as it means a newly discovered lust for life and well-being through an overall healthier diet that does not place a burden on the body and brings a brand-new awareness of life.

In this book, Patrik offers an insight into his very personal approach to vegan nutrition. Together with his fiancée Katy he provides recipes for dishes that can be eaten every day of the week. He offers advice on how to customize a vegetarian diet according to your personal needs which will also guarantee an optimum supply of essential nutrients. Patrik also addresses the stumbling blocks and obstacles that a vegan diet brings and explains how to avoid them.

The reader gets a personal insight into the life of a man who has dedicated himself towards working on behalf of the worldwide vegan movement through his personal experience and achievements. He explains what motivates him and what made him into the person that he is today. The book also provides motivational techniques that everybody can apply to his or her personal use in order to get those crucial steps closer to their personal goals.


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