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PREORDER: UNCAGE - Total Liberation (Digitale Delux Version)

PREORDER: UNCAGE - Total Liberation (Digitale Delux Version)

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Get a digital copy of UNCAGE - Total Liberation once it is published (currently estimated launch date: December 2025. This is a preorder. By preordering UNCAGE you help us finance its development independently of external stakeholders so we can make sure that the game's message is not watered down by profit motives of external stakeholders.

The DIGITAL DELUXE version includes, in addition, the Earthraiser - Voice of the Voiceless ebook (already being delivered now) and an exclusive DLC that goes beyond the content of the standard version.

For millennia, our primary mode of transmitting knowledge across groups and generations has been through legends and myths. This preference is deeply ingrained in our brains, which process information most effectively when woven into a compelling story. Consequently, storytelling proves to be a more potent tool for conveying complex moral issues compared to pure logical reasoning. Among various storytelling forms, interactive storytelling stands out as the most influential – immersing audiences into a narrative, allowing them to experience its world and characters from within.

Thus, there exists no more powerful medium than video games and interactive media, in general, to enable audiences to perceive the world through the eyes of animals. Despite the abundance of impactful documentaries advocating for animal rights and veganism, the gaming realm has seen only a handful of attempts to communicate these critical issues. It feels like our movement is missing out on utilizing the most significant and powerful platform to speak for animals.

We aspire to change this by demonstrating not only the feasibility of creating such a game but also the existence of an audience eager to support and elevate these projects to prominence. With UNCAGE, we aim to instill compassion in its players and cultivate an enthusiasm for developing more animal rights games within the gaming industry – the largest section of the entertainment industry today.

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