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Earthraiser Limited Edition Hardcover

Earthraiser Limited Edition Hardcover

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Get Earthraiser's original graphic novel here. My animal rights superhero story, which I am currently converting into a video game. (Book is currently only available in English)

Please note that currently we are not shipping physical orders outside of Germany but we also offer the (updated) eBook version of Earthraiser here: eBook so you can still get to read the book without a physical product having to be shipped around the world. However if you want a physical copy of the book you can also get it from my friend Johannes Nicolay who does international shipping:

Earthraiser is my take on an animal-rights-superhero-story. After a failed military experiment Wolf Winter is left in a devastating condition in which he becomes a telepathic antenna for all negative emotions of all sentient life around him. He feels all pain, fear and suffering around him as if it was his own. This forces Wolf to become a warrior for the most vulnerable human and non-human animals. Hunted by the military he gets to Berlin where Wolf meets Gaia and her mother Minna. With Gaia’s help Wolf becomes the Earthraiser- a hero for the forgotten.

Earthraiser is my answer to the question: “What would compassion as a superpower look like?”

  • 72 pages
  • Author: Patrik Baboumian
  • Illustration: David Padilla
  • Colorist: Rob Schwager, Richard Simon Watts
  • Cover Art: Alejandro Colucci
  • Editing: Christopher X. Ryan
  • ISBN: 978-3-949385-001
  • Publisher: Orgalahad Multimedia
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