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Vegan Badass Shirt II

Vegan Badass Shirt II

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We're clearing our warehouse and you have now one last chance to get a Vegan Badass Shirt II. Unfortunately, only a few sizes are still available, but we offer you the shirts for half the original price. Since we won't be reproducing the shirts in the near future, this is actually the last time we can offer the shirts for the time being.

Please note that physical items can only be shipped within Germany as of now. International customers can order digital products like eBooks and coaching vouchers, but no books or apparel. We are sorry for this but as a small busyness we are unable to handle international shipping under the current  difficult conditions.

Please check the size-tables to see how the shirts turn out. When selecting, the M stands in front of the size for male and W for female.

The shirts are Fair Labor certified, are made from 100% organic cotton and were printed in Berlin.

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